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The team that created the Miracle of Fatima at Saint Andrew

Jamie Lajoie - Sound Design
Adam is not only a fabulous  lighting  designer his smile is contagious and  his creative ingenuity is divine.  Thank you Adam for our Miracle of the Sun!
Adam Lobelson - Lighting Design
Joanna has the musical gifts of an angel and patiently taught the cast our music. We were blessed to find her and know our harmonies are solid because of her.
Jamie did not lose his hair because I had him change the sound design as least 6 times. Thank you Jamie, for your patience, humor and commitment to make our voices heard.
Stacy Capodilupo -
Assistant Producer
Stacy's years of experience in stage management made our lives much easier.  When in doubt "ask Stacy", when confused "ask Stacy"! When Stacy is confused - There's something wrong.
Carole Scillia - 
Visual Creative  Team
Visual Creative Team
Barbara's sister Carole, shared her artistic eye and creative visual sense to the project. The hours the two spent together working to bring the vision to life were filled with abundant laughter and joy that will ring on forever.
Kelliann Festa -
Assistant Musical Director and Vocal Coach (Olmpia Marto)
Anthony Festa -
Associate Producer (Manuel Marto)
Kelliann wrangeled the troops into muscial shape, leaving no stone unturned. I do believe that she knows every note in the entire score. Thank you Kell for insisting on more voices, more rehearsal and more, and more!
Marta lives in Warsaw, Poland, it is her artistic genius that is the foundation of our virtual set. She submitted her portfolio to Barbara in July of 2017. In passing she mentioned - "I was baptized in Our Lady of Fatima Church here in Warsaw."  Of course she was!
Marta Maszkiewicz -
Risa Del Angele - Choreagrapher
(Maria Rosa dos Santos)
Risa did a super job at recapturing the dancing from the National Theatre Production of the show.  God Bless her patience and thanks to the cast for giving it their all.
Joe Kenny - Technical Director
(Antonio dos Santos)
Barbara Oleynick -
Executive Producer/ Playwrite/Composer/Lyricist / Director
All the people on this page are responsible for making her vision (held in within her heart for 20 yrs) of a live, multimedia virtual experience for all come true.  There are no words to express her gratitude.  However, the greatest thanks, is directed above to  Our Beloved Mother who has remained by her side at every breathe and step along the way.
John Oleynick III
6/14/ 1976 - 2 / 17/2016
The Miracle of Fatima musical is here today because of Barbara's son John. They worked together for over a decade moving it forward.  Tours, recordings, marketing, stategizing, writing, laughing, crying, shouting, but always remaining friends and cheering one another on.  Your spirit is flying free John and is present in every moment of this continueing Fatima journey, and oh how you are missed.
Chris Blair -
Executive Producer
Barbara's husband Chris has been her biggest cheerleader for many years. A constant at her side unwaivering through the years of frustrations, triumphs and challenges but never allowing defeats.  Together they bring to the world two hours of music, dance, words, and special effects. What they also bring is two hours of peace, hope and inspiration of a better world for all those who journey in to watch The Miracle of Fatima musical.
Andrew Kolaski -
AV Specialist 
 How to project the illustrations of our virtual set onto the vertical scrim and anitmated sky onto those suspended over the heads of the audience was our greatest challenge.  Andrew made that happen.  Thank you  Andrew.
Anthony and Barbara have traveled the Fatima road a few times before. His gentle spirit, acting skills, amazing voice and producing skills make him the ideal choice to hold the reigns and guide the troupes to our boundless future. 
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Joe brought a wealth of producing and technical talent to the company.  His determination to bring this "incredibly" tech heavy show together allowed Barbara to wear her many hats. Thanks to Joe it all came together.